We’re loving what our good friends at LCT Airsoft are doing with their “German” program, and we’ve really, REALLY enjoyed testing and using their LC-3 (G3) and LK-33 (HK33) variants so far… in fact both of those rifles MAY be putting in another appearance in a very special Red Cell review in the very near future!

We’re psyched to see two more additions to their program though, that will be released on 5th August, and that’s two variants of the HK53 (LK-53 in LCT parlance) and this will be a VERY important addition for players that like a bit of “UKSF” in their lives.

Following on from the HK33 that was designed to go head to head with the US M16 platform, in the mid 1970’s H&K also designed a carbine version of the full-length HK33, the HK33K with a telescopic metal stock and 12.7 inch barrel, and this led in turn to the development an even shorter version; the result was essentially an intermediate-calibre submachine gun similar to the Colt Commando and the Soviet AKS-74U, designated the HK53, and it used the same telescopic stock as the HK33K and MP5 and a cut down 11 inch barrel with a polymer foregrip similar to that of the MP5.

Like the HK33, the HK53 fed from 25, 30 or 40 round box magazines. The weapon weighed just over 3kg (7lb), almost a 1 kg less than its parent rifle the HK33. A number of police forces and military units adopted the HK53 for a variety of roles. SF and specialist units around the world such as the British SAS, Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit and Royal Marines are purported to have used it “in the wild”, and in fact it received the designation L101A1 in British service, being used for CP duties and CQB/CQC operations.

LCT look to have again done a splendid job in recreating what will no doubt be a very sought after AEG, and will be producing the “53” in both A2 (fixed stock) and A3 (sliding stock) variants, and as they already have a heap of different magazines available from the “33” these are models that can hit the ground at full speed!

We love it, and we’ll be looking at one in more detail just as soon as we can get our eager little hands on one!