We spend a LOT of time on the range when we’re testing and evaluating new AEGs and GBBs so we’re always on the lookout for cool clothing that’s purpose-designed for the task!

The RANGE HOODIE from our good friends at Helikon-Tex is a tactical hoodie designed by shooting specialists. Its cut and the fabrics used will allow for comfortable use even in bad weather conditions. An extended cut allows the Hoodie to be tucked into pants, whilst an anatomically cut hood and a zipped kangaroo pocket are the elements that distinguish RANGE HOODIE® from classic combat shirts or shooting shirts.

The combination of elastic and tear-resistant materials, known from the other garments in the shooting community has been used throughout, making this hoodie suitable for intensive and demanding work with weapons. Mesh sewn under the armpits provides better ventilation during dynamic training, and the small zipped pockets on the upper arms will allow you to conveniently carry the necessary equipment.The RANGE HOODIE® is a great replacement for a range polo or combat shirt on cold and rainy days, and in combination with Helikon’s LVL 1 thermal underwear and HYBRID TACTICAL PANTS® pants, it will allow you to work at the shooting range all year round!

When it comes to range gear, Helikon-Tex are really pushing things forward, and we look forward to seeing just what they add to this line next!