It seems like ActionSportGames (ASG) are getting fully back in gear (quite literally this time!) as in addition to some super new GBB models (check out our review on the new CZ P-10 C in ISSUE 159, 15 FEB!) they look to be coming back online with some cracking kit too! They emailed us to say;

“We are happy to announce that the PC-01 Plate Carrier is now in stock. This plate carrier is a great piece of gear for any players who are keen to remain prepared for battle and love to accessorize!”

Along with the PC-01, ASG are also launching a range of compatible accessories to truly make the PC-01 a custom fit. These accessories are also modular and can fit into your existing kit, offering a great mix of choice. The PC-01 and it’s accessories come in the three most common tactical colours including, Black, Tan and Green ensuring a wider range of compatibility with your loadout and existing gear.

The PC-01 comes as standard with:

High Quality Materials : The PC-01 Plate Carrier is crafted from a high-strength Cordura which makes it highly durable and a fantastic choice for long-term use. Its inner lining is made up of a breathable mesh which decreases the build-up of heat, therefore allowing the user to remain cooler and more comfortable for longer, so it’s a great option for those who like to run long-term MilSim missions or go hard and fast in CQB. Also, it comes with a faux plate already included inside.

Triple Mag Pouch Included: In addition to the plate carrier, this setup comes with a full triple magazine panel specifically designed to fit AR/M4 type magazines. This panel can be easily Velcro mounted onto the front of the vest. Additionally, there is a separate MOLLE mounted panel available.

Tactical Edge: The PC-01 features the means both to be accessorized and to provide its wearer with a tactical edge. Both on the front and back of the vest there are elastic straps which are capable of holding small items in place. Also, it includes a tactical pouch which can be MOLLE mounted as well at the bottom of the vest. This allows you the means to remain prepared and keep your favourite tools and accessories close at hand when you need them most.

As usual with things ASG this looks to be a high-quality, durable plate carrier, and we’re looking forward to giving it a good check when we see the ASG team at IWA! If the PC-01 looks like your sort of gear then please visit the ASG website ( or contact your local ASG stockist for more info!