As we kick into a new week ISSUE 159 is already well under way, and the editorial team are hard at work pulling things together for another action-packed 100 pages of airsoft fun!

However, an element of the AA Crew are already “wheels down” in Las Vegas for SHOT SHOW 2024, and we’ve just got the first report in from Boycie… and it appears that they’re not wasting any time when it comes to getting their hands on some boomsticks and getting rounds-down!

Boycie reported in to tell us that;

Well, we’ve made it to Las Vegas at 2130 local or 0530 UK-time, a smooth and quick flight arriving at McCarran International Airport almost an hour ahead of schedule! For myself and Li’l Stu this is our second time at Shot Show and we have our Rookie Steve along with us; Dan will join us later in the week. This will be a great week with four members of the AA team here and a good number of potential US-based Legionnaires too.

“Saturday morning was a steady start with the now traditional steak and eggs for myself and Steve, with Li’l Stu having his favourite pancake stack! We then grabbed our kit and had a walk over to see the Venetian Center (US SPELLING) and the vast array of companies setting up their stands… We also got the first photo with the now-famous Shot Show sign!

“Yesterday the AA Team had a meeting with our good friend Shaun of BugOut Firearms; the venue for the meeting just happened to be at his local range, Discount Firearms and Ammo ran by Debbie. It was a really hard meeting as we met with Messrs G17, MP5, P90, 1911, M4 and the loudmouth Barrett Light .50… we were even impressed by the fact that the range staff even knew Lil’ Stu was coming and provided a step!

“Shaun is a fellow member of the Swanson Media Group (our partners in AA sister publication PMCI before they transitioned to The Armed Lifestyle magazine, check it out!) who also trains people in firearms use here in Las Vegas. This was an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up with Lil’ Stu ticking off two of his bucket list firearms being the 1911 and P90, Steve running a Gen 5 Glock, MP5, 1911 and rounding off with the .50 Barrett, with me running the same package. We also had a light hearted competition with Shaun, which was run using the Glock 17; the honours were taken by Boycie, followed by Steve, then Shaun and Lil’ Stu. Unfortunately Stu had wanted to also fire the AUG but it was currently out of service.

“After a quick In and Out burger, with a huge side order of banter, at the same store where Shaun worked some 25 years or so ago, we made our way back to the hotel. This was to giggle and recover from the morning’s fun, prior to heading over to the Venetian Center. We needed to collect our passes ready for tomorrow’s trip to Boulder City Rifle and Pistol Club for the Industry Day at the Range with the whole reporting team, minus Dan who arrives on Tuesday.

“This evening we’ll all gather for the traditional “family dinner” where we meet and greet everybody and relax prior to the hard work starting tomorrow.”

With many big names from the Airsoft Industry already set up, Boycie and the Crew will be reporting from SHOT SHOW 2024 more during the coming week, so watch out for daily updates alongside our usual posts!