Now that travel restrictions are thankfully largely a thing of the past it seems like truly international airsoft events are back in full force, and one of the biggest is the G&G WORLD CUP CQB SHOOTING COMPETITION that will be held in Taiwan in October this year!

Around the world the qualifiers are well underway, and we just heard from the guys at PATROL BASE to let us know that the UK QUALIFIERS are coming up soon; the event will be held on the 8th and 9th July at their CQB site HALO MILL! They told us;

HALO MILL and PATROL BASE are hosting the UK Qualifying stage for the G&G World Cup.

You will compete as a team of TWO and your combined times will give you your final result. The fastest combined times over the TWO courses will win an all-expenses paid trip to Taiwan and participation in the World Cup finals with a top prize of $10,000USD!

The weekend will be split into 4 sessions of 30 shooters (15 teams).

Tickets are sold individually, so you will need 2 tickets for your team.

The G&G World Cup 2023 UK Qualifiers will commence over two days with two sessions per day. Each day has an AM and PM session, and if you are booking with your chosen teammate you will need to book the same session on the same day and in the same time slot.”

This looks to be a very exciting event for the UK calendar (full details HERE), and we hope that everyone that takes part gives it their all! Although we are an international entity these days all at AAHQ obviously want to see the very best “home team” heading to Taiwan!

And the good news is that for those that qualify AIRSOFT ACTION are honoured that we will be joining you in Taipei to support you in person thanks to an extremely generous invitation from our good friends at G&G ARMAMENT to attend and cover the event in full; Bill and Stewbacca will be “on site” for the duration!

As we say time and again, Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour… but go for it!