We always like to get closer to manufacturers and innovators that we’re working with, and we love to talk about new AEGs and GBBs that we’ve tested or have in the pipeline for evaluation!

However, we also like to talk about new innovations that allow existing airsoft platforms to reach their full potential, and sometimes it’s those all-important “little things” that can make all the difference, isn’t it?

Our friends at RA-TECH have been in touch to introduce us to their latest Magnetic Locking NPAS loading nozzle set for Tokyo Marui AR GBBRs!

Why do you need one of these? Well, the team at RA-TECH told us that it would provide even TM GBBRs with some more “oomph”, and the benefits are;

Better freezing resistance
Saving gas consumption
More consistent muzzle velocity
Smoother BB feeding
Muzzle velocity adjustable
Patented RA-TECH magnetic locking system

No need to take our word for the increased consistency that’s on offer, as the guys at RA-TECH believe in putting their performance findings out there for all to see, and you can see clearly the effect of of fitting their new “tech” to a TM GBBR via their excellent video channel… check it out by CLICKING HERE!

We’re very impressed by the numbers that are shown; these are available via the AirSoft Taiwan Online Store right now, and this is certainly an area that we’ll look at more with RA-TECH soon!