Sometimes we see something that really gets the AA Crew champing at the bit, and Tech Jimmy probably sums up the new MCP 556 from G&G ARMAMENT best;

“This has everything I could ask for. The PCC45 was something that originally grabbed my attention due to it’s modern take on the UMP, but sadly it was thwarted by the abysmal battery compartment. The MXC9 was the perfected variant and now they have gone and made it into a 556 platform. Everything I love all wrapped up into one package, I honestly couldn’t ask for any more. Take my money , G&G just keep tickling the want button!”

Lightweight, tough, and full of potential, this newest G&G AEG seems set to deliver on all fronts.  Pairing modern features such as a full M-LOK rail system and 14mm CCW threads with their G2 V2 gearbox, you can add even further upgrades onto this innovative carbine while still keeping awesome reliability in place. If that weren’t enough, this AEG not only takes its own 105 BB magazine, but other AR-style magazines as well, so you’ll never have to worry about finding spares!


  • Durable Polymer construction
  • G2 gearbox
  • Combines the PCC 45 & MXC 9 into an AR-magazine-compatible platform
  • Quick Change Spring System
  •  105 BB Magazine
  • 340fps (advised)

This is something that we’re most definitely looking forward to getting “hands on” with, and no doubt will be among the many things that Bill will be talking to them about when he joins Stewbacca and Anny in Taiwan at the G&G WORLD CUP CQB event next month!