We’ve been having great fun over the last few weeks with G&G ARMAMENTS latest innovation, the FAR 556, and yes it’s a FOLDING AR!

You heard that right! It’s a tri-fold carbine that means you can pack it up in a daysack, and for city-based airsofters around the world that have to rely on public transport to get to their favourite site, this could be the very thing that you’ve been waiting for! G&G tell us that;

“With the FAR 556 the Folding Handguard and Stock provide unmatched adaptability, allowing you to swiftly navigate changing scenarios with ease. Designed for quick action, the FAR 556 ensures you’re always ready for the unexpected, giving you the edge in critical moments.

Equipped with a MOSFET Integrated Gearbox (MIG), experience enhanced performance, quicker trigger response, and consistent power delivery, eliminating any compromises. The CHFS Folding Stock enhances your shooting experience by providing comfort and stability. Seamlessly switch between configurations for optimum control. The GOM V2 105R Magazine [G-08-201] that accompanies the FAR 556 boasts high capacity, ensuring you’re armed with ample rounds to conquer intense scenarios.”

This is an incredibly unique product that pushes the boundaries of current internal technology… but then G&G have NEVER been afraid to push things, now have they?

But does it perform? You’ll have to wait and see when our full evaluation drops in ISSUE 153 on 15 AUGUST!