Something a little different this Friday as Bill is currently in Taipei with Stewbacca and Military Anny attending the G&G CQB WORLD CUP  and has reported back to let us know that;

“Everything here in Taipei is going awesomely, and G&G have really done everyone proud with the organisation of the event so far. Today was all about the two-player teams getting to know the courses of fire before the main event kicks into high-gear tomorrow with the qualifiers! All the teams are looking good in their comp shirts, that’s for sure!”

The guys also managed to get their hands on some new G&G hardware like the “EVOLUTION” bullpup GBB shotgun which looks superb, along with G&G’s new AR GBBR too!

There’ll be more on the event from the team tomorrow, and they’re updating facebook as they go, so make sure to check out the AA page to see the latest.. for now though we’ll draw this update to a close and wish you all a great weekend, wherever you’re playing airsoft!