The crew out in Taipei have already been reporting in with posts to the AA facebook page, with Anny and Stewbacca  amassing even more video content starting with the “pomp and circumstance” of the opening ceremony itself!

The feeling at the event they’ve told us has changed, with competitors really focusing in on their A-game and posting some outstanding times on the different courses of fire and challenges.

Bill told us that “the guys are really in the zone right now, and pushing themselves hard to get the very best from their on-par G&G platforms; as everyone is using the same model of AEG and GBB it’s all about how they’ve dialled in their kit and how they’ve thought through the stages. We’ve already seen a numbers of DNFs and even DQs, but with so much at stake the pressure is on, with some teams really rising to the occasion and blitzing through the different elements…

We’re still waiting on the final scores for Day 2, but we’re expecting to see some teams emerging strongly… that said, things are still very close at the top of the leader board as things stand right now, so on the final Day 3 there’ll be everything to literally shoot for!”

The crew also tell us that they’ve been able to spend more time with some of the latest G&G platforms, and there’ll be more news to come on this soon… the main stage speakers have also been an interesting addition to the event, and we’ll be talking about them in more detail soon too… it seems that the AA Crew are having a great time, and that thus far G&G have delivered yet another fabulous event!

Roll on Day 3!!!