We’ve been hearing VERY good things about the latest 009 Series MOSFET EDITION Nam era ARs and Namsoft enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that we’ve had the “M16A1” 009C variant from TAIWANGUN in testing for a while now!

Benefitting from a very similar internal setup to the more modern looking CYMA ARs we tested and fell in love with earlier this year, the 009C is already proving to be an excellent full-length AR AEG, and both the “XM” models look great too, with lots of little details that are bound to please all but the hardiest “stitch counters” out there, and a pricepoint that’s perfect for those thinking of trying a new historical dimension to their airsoft adventures!

The rifle in the new E-EDITION configuration has a fast-as-lightning trigger response thanks to new gearbox parts with increased durability, such as a V2 gearbox with quick spring change system, processor unit with built-in MOSFET system, steel gear set with 8mm steel bushings, a bearing spring guide, and a high torque neodymium motor!

All in all the 009C is a very tidy bit of kit, and you can read the full report in Issue 121 on the 15th of this month!