We’ve been spending a fair bit of time recently with the latest models to come from ARES Airsoft, and as much as we love the modularity on the MUTANT system we’ve been taken aback by the yet-to-be-released RBD AEG that’s coming from them soon under licence from KelTec; we’ve just finished up our range testing on this striking new bullpup thanks to our mates at iWholesales, and we’ll be totally spilling the beans in Issue 127 that goes live next week!

ARES though have been teasing this week with some images of their funky new minimalist motor design, and it looks as if things are evolving again; we’ve been digging deep and hounding them for more information, but as yet nada, zip, as they seem to be keeping information very close the their chest… and quite honestly who can blame them, as the new brushless motor and setup looks to be righteous! All we can say is what they’ve put out publicly right now, that;

“Some of you may get it right, the new brushless motor will be implanted with the new gearbox! Details will be released regularly. #Q42021”

So, sorry to both thrill and disappoint at the same time, but Jimmy did have us drooling over their new X-Class AEGs (gorgeousness pictured!) earlier today, and the specifications look great!

MATERIAL : Aluminum Alloy + Nylon Fiber + Metal

FIRE MODE : Safe/Semi/Full Auto

MAGAZINE : 100/140 rounds Magazine (Varied by Model) , 6mm BB

BATTERY : 11.1v LiPo Recommended

HOP-UP : Adjustable

VELOCITY : According to Your Local Regulation

GEARBOX TYPE : E.F.C.S. Gearbox (Programmable)


MOTOR : ARES Slim High Torque Motor



Battery Plug: T- Plug

Rest assured we’ll continue to hound them for more information on all the new things in the pipeline, and we’ll let YOU know just as soon as WE know more!