We believe that it’s fair to say that we all love a properly “tricked out” AEG, and at IWA each year the guys from GUNFIRE always have a few special models on show that really make us drool!

Luckily they have taken this idea and turned it into products that you can actually now buy!

The GF Custom Division is an idea that’s come directly from the Gunfire Airsoft Team and they tell us;

“We want to offer you the highest quality replicas, modified and configured by us, using only the best, proven parts and accessories. No part of the replica was included in the set by accident – these are exactly the configurations we would like to use in the field. Many years of airsoft experience helps us in working on customs, so we can safely sum up that GF Custom Division is a project created 100% by players for players .”

Although there are a number of different models to choose from, the one that caught our eye is the SA-A34 “Desert Fox” which looks absolutely banging! As you will no doubt work out the “donor” for this custom model was a SA-A34 HT-ONE from Specna Arms, where they installed the following external parts:

AN / PEQ LA5 Upgrade Version FMA
Replica – AIM-O T1
Red dot sight replica with QD
Mount – Night Evolution M600C Scout tactical flashlight – SMC Night Evolution mount – Night Evolution
Double gel switch for flashlights and PEQ
Double-sided CASTELLAN Hand Stop

The painting of the replica was made by real artists in this field, i.e. GearTech CustomPaint studio

We’re told that the gearbox of the AEG has been put together practically from scratch, perfectly fitted, sealed and lined, which gives a very stable power delivery, but what exactly is hidden inside? Actually, A LOT!

GATE TITAN V2 system
Aluminum Hop-Up CNC ME – PRO chamber by Maxx Model Products
Double sealed aluminum CNC Maxx Model Products nozzle
Double sealed aluminum CNC cylinder head with Maxx Model Products damping
Ball bearing, double sealed aluminum piston head CNC Maxx Model Products
CNC Retro Arms trigger
V2 POM Retro Arms
POM piston with 14.5 steel teeth Retro Arms
Cylinder type 1 Modify
High Torque MPI 22T Modify engine
Tornado pusher retarder
Non-linear main spring Prometheus NON-LINER Spring MS120 SP
A set of steel gears Prometheus Wide Use EG 13: 1
Prometheus Tightbore 6.03mm precision barrel EG Barrel 363mm
Maple Leaf Macaron rubber 70 °
Hoper Maple Leaf FLAT

Okay, as you’ve probably guessed a build like this doesn’t come super-cheap, and you’re going to be looking iro UK£800, but for a rifle to arrive looking THIS good, with all the quality parts fitted and performing like a dream together we don’t think that the pricetag is at all unreasonable.

This is certainly an AEG that any of us would be delighted to have in our own armouries, and who knows, perhaps one day we will!