We’re gearing up for a bit of an “9mm Special” for ISSUE 156 on 15 NOVEMBER as we revisit our MP5 category in RED CELL but we’ll be headlining this month with something a little bit special and a little bit different in the shape of the awesome ARCTURUS PP-19-01 PE Z-TAC SP1!

It really is a beauty, and comes with a whole bunch of goodness straight from the box such as;

  • Metal Receiver With Top Cover
    20mm Picatinny Rail on Top
    Metal Faux Suppressor (14mm CCW Thread)
    Metal Zenitco-style LOK System Handguard
    Metal Outer Barrel With Flash Hider
    Metal Fixed Front Sight
    Polymer RK-3 Pistol Grip
    B-22 rear sight Picatinny shroud
    Metal Adjustable PT-1 Folding Buttstock
    2x Polymer Housing Magazine (Able to Switch 30 or 135 rounds)
    Flared Magwell

Dan has already had his hands under the hood of this superb little AEG platform, and tells us that “to build from scratch to an equivalent spec (or as close as is possible with off-the-shelf components), you would be looking at spending at least US$850+ and it would still be missing some of the components and accessories that are included with the Arcturus. So in my opinion, this is a premium platform being sold at a mid-range price point… which makes it a fantastic value!”

If you’d like to know the full lowdown then be sure to tune in to ISSUE 156 for Dan’s full report!