It could be said of the the entire Airsoft Action crew that “We Operate On Coffee”, and even though Red Cell has been put together to test different AEGs and GBBs there’s an ongoing “Java Test” between our resident “Kaff Konnosewers” Bill and Jase!

So, bottom line is that we are ALWAYS interested to hear about a new “TAC-COFF” endeavour and our good mate Chris over at the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (who shares our passion for beans of righteousness!) was kind enough to give us a “heads up” om MIL-COFFEE.

Chris told us: “It´s a brand from the guys at that they’ve brought to life as they are coffee-lovers as I am. MIL-COFFEE is roasted at the Rocket Bean Roastery straight in Latvia/Riga from coffee beans which are seasonal selected of a coffee variety from two of the biggest coffee growing regions in the world straight in Brazil and Columbia at an altitude between 1000-1600 meters.
This roastery is the fastest-growing leading coffee roastery in the Baltic States as we speak. They believe that coffee has to be handcrafted and freshly roasted with passion and attention paid to the finest detail.Every coffee bag landing in Roastery is fully traceable – they believe that direct trade is the best trade. Great mindset.”

He went on to tell us: “As former military operators, they know that the service is often demanding and coffee is something that helps you to keep your eyes open to not fall asleep. Therefore, they put some extra attention to it what means: it offers a much richer flavor that gathers the attention of your “sense of smell” and it is more intense to push you back into business.”

This sounds good to us on many levels, and we’ll have some more news on “TAC-COFF” soon (no, Bill and Jase aren’t launching their own brand, but they know someone who might be!), but for now you can check out Chris’ full post HERE