Our friends at BOLT Airsoft have been teasing for some considerable time now with their “classic AKM” which uses their patented BRSS system to create a a good “recoil thump”, but we just found a video on the tube of yous from MILISTA that has given us the first real look at just what they’ve created!

Whilst we can’t understand exactly what’s being hyped in the video, what we can see is that the new AEG benefits from some “HAMMER”, which stands allegedly for Hard Accelerator with Modified Mechanism for Electric Recoil… no, use neither right now…

Weighing in at a hefty 3620g we’re betting there’s a lot of steel in the construction, and the woodwork shown looks to be far nicer than the average. Add to this that the “bolt” recoil shown in the video seems to be excellent, and the accuracy darn pretty good, and on the face of it this seems to be quite the package!

We’ll endeavour to speak direct to BOLT to find out more details and update ASAP, but as you can imagine this has certain members of the AA team drooling more than a little!

For now, if you like a classic AKM, then you can check out the video HERE