Many of you have asked us just why it is that we respect and like UF PRO so much as we do, and the simple answer is that they create superb tactical clothing with a thorough grounding in the materials, fabrics, and construction methods that they use in each and every garment they produce!

When it comes to UF PRO gear every element in the creation of their clothing is there for a reason, not due to some spurious “trending buzzword”, and it’s this fundamental, ground-up approach that we applaud.

And it’s also very refreshing to see a brand go the extra mile to not only make great gear, but to help everyone understand just WHY they do the things they do, and we’ve just seen another superb post on their blog detailing each and every technology they use. In their words “Want to know about the fabrics that went into the making of the tactical gear? Bookmark this blog post and refer to it whenever you need fast intel about specific materials.”

If you love your gear, and want to know more about exactly what goes into making them, then this is a 100% “must read” resource, and you can check out the post HERE