We’re fully back into things now, and this morning we had a really cool conversation with Rob (you may know him also as VERAGE AIRSOFT) about the AIRSOFTER WORLD community project, and how quickly it’s growing!

Bill had the chance to speak with him in person at the UK NATIONAL AIRSOFT FESTIVAL, and expanding on that meeting we wanted to dig in and find out more about an entity that shares the common goal with AIRSOFT ACTION in bringing the global player community and airsoft industry closer.

Of course for us it’s about looking at the latest developments in airsoft and telling the stories of players worldwide; it may seem strange initially that we are happy to support another airsoft platform like AIRSOFTER WORLD, but as they share many core values and dreams for a more connected international airsoft community with us we feel it is a logical and important step to support them in their endeavours.

Although in fairness it has been tried before we get a very good feeling about AIRSOFTER WORLD; in their own words “Airsofter World is a global community powered by local players, businesses and (event) organisers coming together over their passion for airsoft” and this is a sentiment that we wholeheartedly endorse.

With players from 20 COUNTRIES already sharing stories and intel, the platform offers you a chance to find airsoft friends and connect, create and grow teams, access airsoft rules and laws from different countries, and provides event organisers a place to give information on games and airsoft events too.

Is this the community platform we’ve been waiting for? Quite possibly it is, and we’ll be speaking more to Rob and the AIRSOFTER WORLD crew more about their ethos and goals, and more importantly how they aim to achieve them, in a feature interview soon!

For now, as always, WATCH THIS SPACE!