It’s the end of a very busy first week back after our “summer recess” and it looks like things are REALLY revving up for an exciting Q4 of 2023!

We’ve spent our week back in the office getting the server properly rebooted with all our small internal upgrades (and suffering from email malfunctions that are now fixed… sorry!) so we’re ready to respond to events as they happen even more swiftly than ever before.

And of course it’s back to “airsoft business as usual”… sad as we are to see Autumn fast approaching in our neck of the airsoft woods, it does mean that all of the AA Crew and the AA Legion are back out at full speed… almost… as Dan told us “I’m just planning on playing catch-up with work since things are still stacking up deep here. The next big game isn’t until mid-October, which I’ll be missing since I’ll be away that weekend, so I’ll be suffering a bit of a dry spell until the November game, it seems!”

Stewbacca has been pushing hard of late whilst others have been away and told us “I might actually skip a week at this rate; the guys are going to Longtan which is probably my least favourite of the fields we play, plus I’ve been at it and juggling civil defence pistol courses and IPSC training along with wrapping up the review of the SVDS.

Maybe I’ll kick back with a well-earned victory beverage and catch up on writing up articles, editing and actually getting around to reading the current issue of Airsoft Action!”

But things are moving on as Bill tells us “I’ve come back from my little French odyssey to an inbox overflowing with emails (even though I told everyone I’d be off comms!) and there’s so many good things to follow up on in terms of new AEGs and GBBs, new gear, and a number of events that I need to work into our calendar!

This weekend I’ve got four sets of new eyepro from BLOC and EDGE to put through their paces, some optics to look at (or should that be through?), and a couple of DMRs to get onto the range for mid-term testing… yup, I’m thinking I’m back!”

Larri is back to CQB in HK; “I’m meeting some new friends for airsoft, a guest-heavy CQB game”, and Miguel is back to things in Portugal as he told us that “it’s time to hit the field again; we will be doing small games and a final gear test before Salamandra II!”… of course we’re looking forward to seeing Miguel’s report on this years “Salamandra” which will appear as always in due course!

So, that’s us for this week, and we hope that you’ve missed us over the past couple of weeks! If you’re heading out to the range, an airsoft event, or to a game yourself then have a fabulous time, and Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!