It appears that we’ve been a little remiss in our coverage of, and commenting on, Designated Marksman platforms in our RED CELL testing, so this month we’re devoting an entire issue to them!
Stewbacca kicks things off as he takes the OPFOR high ground and gets his teeth into the all-new and exciting SVDS from LCT airsoft!
Swift with a follow-up shot as always Bill then gets stuck into two well-priced rifles for BLUFOR in the shape of the Double Bell SCAR H and Golden Eagle HK417, and then RED CELL get their heads together to look at a mix of FIFTEEN different “big bore” rifles that they’ve been using and abusing for some considerable time.
We also take a look at OPTICS suitable for your DMR, and Bill rounds things out as he reflects on the VFC M110K1 GBBR after owning and shooting it for a year!
Of course mixed in we have our usual coverage of kit and gear as we look at boots from PROTEKTOR, and in THE CAGE we hone back in on A-TACS.
International coverage this month comes from our AA Legionnaires in Japan and Taiwan; our friend Tama rejoins us from Tokyo to tell us about airsoft at the V-SHOW, Anny reports on her recent training adventures, and along with Stewbacca brings in a big report on the bi-annual TAIWAN DEFENCE EXPO!
As always we hope that there’s a little of “something airsoft” for everyone, so kick on back, grab a cup o’ joe, and enjoy ISSUE 155!

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