It’s been a heads-down kind of week at AAHQ this week as we’ve let the new issue settle in for a few days, and got on with biz for ISSUE 156, continuing with range days and testing, and lining things up for the coming winter months ahead.

Everyone’s gear takes a proper battering during the summer months when we’re all out out playing more regularly, so we know for many it’s that time of the year when we look to our maintenance schedules for kit hat’s been hard-used, and also start to prepare our changeover to winter setups… sadly we’ve already needed our Gore-Tex for a couple of range days, and we’re certain that it’s going to get more use soon!

Talking of which some of the AA Crew have been gearing up for a 36-hour MilSim this weekend, and for Jimmy it’s his first longer-duration event… he told us that “I’m embarking on my very first long-haul MilSim; slightly apprehensive but I ‘m sure it will be fine!”

Stewbacca says “me and the bois will be going to Hutoushan for some more jungle warfare. Hopefully we’ll avoid any more arachnid encounters after last weekend’s spood attack, but Hutoushan is usually rife with the large eight-legged locals! I’ll probably field the PSG-1 again as I barely had chance to use it last weekend, did some further shooting at range on targets but didn’t fire a shot in anger due to the way the game played out…”

Miguel (pictured this week) told us “it’s time for Op Interior 2. We will hit the road Friday, the game will start Saturday. HUGE scenario, with several abandon villages in it, two main factions fighting for a resource in the area (among other missions) and we will be part of a small OpFor Faction, raising hell in the game. I will be rocking the FX01 again, I really want to test this replica to some limits!”

And we’re looking forward to bringing you Miguel’s full post-game report and the lowdown on the new FX01 soon!

And of course the time is almost here for Bill to head off on airsoft adventures much further afield! He said “this time next week I’ll already have been in Taiwan for a couple of days, and the G&G CQB World Cup will be in full swing! I’m excited and honoured to be a guest of G&G on their home turf, and to spending some quality-time with Stewbacca and Anny who’ve done great things with their coverage from “Airsoft Central”!

I’m also staying on a few extra days to see other friends and check out some of the beautiful island nation, and we’ll be sure to update things as we go. It’s a big old trip for me, the first major one since my fight with the “Big C” an regaining my fitness, so for many, many reasons I am 100% going to make the most of it… but first I’d better get my packing done!”

We’re sure that you’ll join us in wishing Bill the best of luck in his travels, and it’s great to see him fully back to his usual hi-speed self… we’re looking forward to the report on the G&G CQB World Cup from Bill, Stewbacca, and Anny which will land in ISSUE 156 if at all possible!

So, that’s it from us for another week, and we’re sure that you’ll be out there playing airsoft, like some of the AA Crew, come rain or shine! Whatever kind of game you’re playing this weekend, have fun, and as always Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!