Continuing our (almost allowing for time differences!) live coverage of events and announcements taking place at MOA 2023 in Taipei today, Stewbacca has checked in again!

He told us;

Our second day at MOA saw me crawling out of bed at the new Stu-dio and freshening myself up to arrive at the Taipei World Trade Centre just in time for the 1000 opening; the queues were snaking around the building like the regrets of last night’s over indulgence in my own head… I blame the excellent company!

Having seen the majority of the headline acts yesterday I spent today taking in more of the finer details I missed flitting around yesterday, and spent some time with the ever-friendly and enthusiastic Tomy Lee from BOLT (more news to come from them soon!), along with catching up with Jean and the local bois representing NUPROL. I also had more time to show friends and teammates around the highlights as well as take in some of the work on stage.

Northeast were showcasing not only their Uzi in various forms but also the much awaited FAMAS GBBR, again something I got hands on with at their facility a while back, but again, keeping shtum… Sebastian even took the trouble to field strip the production prototype live on stage to demonstrate its internals in greater detail. Many seem to be champing at the bit to get behind one of their own, understandable, from what I’ve seen of it.

I also headed over to Thunder Sports near the front entrance (Krytac’s local distributor) with the ever colourful front-man Mr Song handing me their shiny new KRISS Vector GBB to blat away with (something else I have video of to get around to sharing later). Most impressive in terms of the recoil impulse, handling and general construction, I might have to see if Uncle Allen would be good enough to get the guys to lend me one for review in the new year, although I already have a backlog of guns to test growing it seems…

The delightful-as-always Ms Wu was also drawing the crowds on stage once again along with her Ada Wong cosplaying accomplice Celia and explaining RATech’s latest offerings in licensed upgraded GBBR platforms. I also had chance to spend time meeting more of the players and wider community as well as reconnecting with some I haven’t seen on the field for a good while.

Of course having a little more time to focus on the independent stalls and discovered some custom component manufacturers as well as holster and other accessory makers that I could take more time to talk with at length. Lots of “cottage industry” providers producing support equipment or upgrades for the ardent hobbyists here. Once again the VFC PPKs were being shown off on stage among their wider range of longer guns… too much to look forward to from them!

Now I’m out and about with Popular Airsoft and the Swedish team enjoying some Izakaya drinks by the roadside before hopefully retiring at a more reasonable time ready for the final round tomorrow.

“Add oil” as they say for encouragement locally, fellow shooters…