Well, that’s it for MOA for another year, although we’re sure that all the new airsoft models and associated innovations will be working their way through in the coming weeks!

A HUGE thank you to Stewbacca for all his ground-pounding at the show, and for the images and end-of-day reports that we’ve been able to share thanks to his sterling efforts!

This is what he had to say of DAY 3!

I am finally lying down and resting my back and feet at the new Stu-dio, surrounded by the chaos of its present condition of unpreparedness and half-moved in everything everywhere, but, also surrounded by mementos of many more core memories made during another excellent, if exhausting weekend…

As always spending time in good company goes by far too quickly, and our friends from popular airsoft, airsoft.nu, bohemian airsoft and hyperdoraku all had to make early exits to prepare for their much longer journeys home than mine. Thankfully I survived ‘til the close of doors and spent time with some of the fine people who remained, even getting dinner on the way home with some of our locally based fellows or those who are staying a little longer.

So much seen and done in such a short time, as is always the way of such things. A whole lot of exciting products to look forward to, and some new names becoming more familiar to me as well as old ones refreshed with having seen them in person once again.

For my part, I’m definitely happy to see an uptick in gas blowback platforms being cranked out by many of our favourite names, including some new to that part of the game, but it’s also encouraging to see the little guys succeeding and getting the attention they deserve for their currently smaller yet no less important contributions to the industry and player base in terms of the different products, perspectives, experiences and outcomes they bring.

There’s lots to be done, some of it by me, but let’s leave that to be a tomorrow’s Stewbacca’s problem shall we, fellow shooters!

And indeed Stewbacca has his work cut out to put together the MOA 2023 SHOW REPORT for ISSUE 157 on 15 DECEMBER, but for now we believe he’s earned a little respite!

And that is indeed that… for now! We hope that MOA 2023 was a huge success for everyone that exhibited and attended, and we look forward to seeing our industry friends again at SHOT and IWA 2024!