Airsoft is ultimately all about having great times and fabulous experiences with friends, and for us there’s no better place (other than in-game of course!) to find this than at a major airsoft show! As “show season” commences Stewbacca is on the ground with Military Anny at MOA 2023 and he checked in this morning to tell us;

“The beautiful airsoft people; so many friends! As always I awoke earlier than expected (excitement for the coming day, or mild “morning after” from the misadventures with Popular Airsoft and WMASG the night before, I will let you choose your own adventure on that front…), peeling myself out of bed I dropped by the new Stu-dio I’m still in the process of moving into to grab my all important eyepro and gear to make my way to the first day of a long weekend at the Military, Outdoor and Airsoft Expo – MOA2023!

Back in even stronger terms than last year there is an awful lot to see this year and I’ve been on the floor most of the day meeting old friends and making new ones; the people, as always, is what makes this what it is.

After making my way round the usual names and faces I stopped by to see our good friends Clarence Lai & Katherine Lee at CLPD’s booth, with Military Anny in tow we picked up our new personalised CLPD Shadow 2 team/family jerseys; they look very much the part, so many thanks to the man himself for providing us all with them (Bill included, once I send it home to him).

Of course there are lots of fun toys on show, so much so it’s difficult to pick just one (the VFC FNC GBBR of course garnering a lot of attention… Bill and I already shot it during our visit to VPSC where they were kind enough to let us get hands on, but, nondisclosure is ever important to us so I couldn’t speak of such things despite the recent Internet leaks regarding it prior to announcement. I guess I’ll start saving for its scheduled April 2024 release… Woe is me, eh?

Also the range of licensed APC9k GBBRs from Archwick /B&T AIR are now on show, again something I’ve known about for a long time but kept shtum; plenty of interest in those as well as their MWS style system.

And I’m glad to see my good friends a 4UAD Smart Airsoft branching out with further products including new HOP buckings for AEG and GBB use that they’ve put a lot of their years of expertise into alongside their growing range of maintenance pens for lubrication and sealing among other things.

A long, but most enjoyable day; shortly it will be end of play and start of “play” as we retire to a local watering hole for some much needed hard-earned refreshments but LOTS more to come tomorrow as I hit MOA 2023 DAY 2 fellow shooters!”

But what of the rest of the AA CREW?

Well, good airsoft “work” continues to be done as Miguel told us that “we are going to organize OP BACK TO BACK, a charity event aimed to help Carolina, a girl who unfortunately was born with cerebral paralysis and whose family struggles with the little support they have. The game will oppose two mercenary groups, trying to complete missions for a client, with several primary and secondary missions that will show up in different phases. In the end will have some goodies to giveaway from our friends at Viper Tactical and Specna Arms!”

We certainly look forward to hearing more on this worthwhile event and we’ll share Miguel’s report in a future issue!

Bill reported in that “now that we’ve got some properly nippy weather of course for me it’s time to take some gassers to the woods range and see how the VORSK V12 FUEL works in cold conditions; I have the final testing to complete on the new G&G MGCR 566, along with a nice MCX RATTLER and the new CGS N4  to put through their paces so there may be be clouds of vapour everywhere… given the efficiency of the GBBR’s OS’ and the VORSK FUEL though I rather think not…”

Boycie will be getting on his range with the new ASG H15 AEG to finalise his report for the new issue on the 15th, and Ben also checked in to tell us that “after kicking things hard at the back end of November it’s time for a maintenance/cleaning session on my GBBs, and maybe a bit of target shooting, an easy-going weekend for me!”

We’ll be updating the latest from MOA 2023 over the weekend as Stewbacca reports in with his daily update, and also sharing his (and other) photos on the AA FACEBOOK PAGE as they’re ready, so keep your eyes peeled for all the latest news from Taiwan!

We wish you all a wonderful weekend of airsoft, and wherever you may be with YOUR airsoft friends Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!