MOA, Taiwan’s full-on international airsoft trade show is upon us again, and our “Man in Taiwan” Stewbacca will naturally be on the scene and relaying the latest in product news from many of the world’s leading airsoft manufacturers, and will once again be joined by many of our foreign media friends at “airsoft central” as our show reports commence again for another year!

The stage is finally set for the full-force return for one of Asia’s, if not the world’s, premiere airsoft-focused industry events, and there’s sure to be plenty to see from a variety of Taiwanese domestic manufacturers and hopefully the return of international production/manufacturing outfits as well!

Keep an eye out for updates on the organiser QRF magazine’s own social media

We wish all of our industry friends exhibiting and attending the show all the very best, and you can of course keep an eye on developments here with AIRSOFT ACTION as Stewbacca will be updating us at the end of each day, and we’re 100% certain that the 2023 MOA event will be bringing us a whole heap of exciting airsoft news!