It’s the end of a busy week here at AAHQ in preparation for the NEW ISSUE ON MONDAY and we’re really looking forward to a little bit of downtime on Sunday after we get everything uploaded to the publishing platforms… and as usual it’s another absolutely packed to the rafters with guns n’ gear aplenty! As we’ve been working a lot with G-SERIES pistols this month, this week’s image comes courtesy of AA LEGIONNAIRE Bjorn putting his EVOLUTION EO17 WARRIOR GBB through its paces!

Busy times aside it would appear that the AA CREW are all raring to go as there are plans and ploys aplenty going on over this coming weekend in-game, in the workshop and on the range!

Miguel told us that “we are planning to hit our secondary field, do some knowledge consolidation exercises, shooting, gear awareness, hand signals, two-man teams, team movements and team formations… All this followed by a team BBQ!” while Stewbacca reported “I will once again be doing non-skirmish-training #ShootyFunTimes things on Sunday which at least afford me a slight lie in compared to usual as I’m staying in Taipei and indoors for this round. I’m helping out with a pistol beginner’s course with my South African friend who’s ex-mil, an IPSC shooter and disaster preparedness specialist as he’s running a course for civilians at our usual ISPC place. Everyone should have access to firearms knowledge and instruction to my mind, whether or not they have access to firearms and ammunition is an ongoing situation here. Practise. And practice what you preach. Enable and inspire, fellow shooters!”

Dan told us that “mostly techy things for me this weekend. I’m planning on doing a TDC mod to my Kar98K, which will be the last item to finish up that project. Not much else one can do with the platform aside from tapping it for a scope, but I kind of enjoy keeping it lighter and running it with strictly irons. My only other personal project in the works is to rebuild the gearbox on the shorty PKM. I’m going to swap in some different gears as I’m utterly fed up with the Seigetek’s and their incompatibility with any anti-reversal latch I’ve tried or modified. It’s more the fact that the angle and placement of the latch in the PKM gearbox makes this a complex problem, but also that the Seigetek Gen3 bevel gears were apparently designed specifically for the TM NGRS anti-reversal latch (why???) – which is practically on par with a Real Sword Type 97 AR latch for being one of the hardest to find in stock anywhere”.

Sticking with our in-house techs Jimmy chipped in to say that “busy one this weekend, Saturday is going to be flat-out as I have a massive backlog of guns to get through plus another seven that turned up through the week which will no doubt grow on Saturday! As the weather is getting better more and more people are playing and more people are wanting emergency fixes/upgrades for Sunday. Sunday though I am hopefully off to Dog Tag Airsoft locally for some much needed field testing of the new Gate Pulsar and Titan 2 and I really want to get some more time in with the ICS Tomahawk so it is fresh in my mind as we recently received some upgrade parts from the lovely ICS guys over in Taiwan!”

Boycie is “sorting the old JTac Office and Store Room then moving it to the new place over the weekend” whilst our LEGION Associate Josh from KRIOS Photography tells us that “I’m doing a photoshoot with Viper Tactical gear this weekend, and also doing some test shots for Gibraltar Training Co too!”, and Bill is “going to be sorting through the Red Cell handgun pool again for next months report and giving all the GBBs a little bit of love prior to their pre-article re-test and re-chrono. Then I’ve got a “rattlecan project build” to plan, something that I’m REALLY looking forward to!”

So once again it’s airsoft business as usual for the AA CREW, and we hope that you’ve got some exciting plans too… for another week though we’ll sign off by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!