Here we go with our 150th issue of AIRSOFT ACTION and, as always, it’s full to the brim with guns, gear and (hopefully!) enlightened opinion!

And when we say “full” we absolutely mean it as RED CELL have put in the work to bring you their ongoing analysis of FIFTEEN G-SERIES GBBs this month, some of them over TWO YEARS into testing! And that’s just the beginning as Bill delves into the L119A2-inspired ROSSI NEPTUNE “SAS” and the very latest DE AX//15 “Bluetooth” Aeroknox AR, whilst Stewbacca goes “modular” with the latest accessories for the LCT LC-3. There’s also a profile of DELTA ARMORY, a great little AEG manufacturer with dreams of being MUCH bigger!

We’re also very pleased this month to be able to introduce the newest from the ICS GBB pistol program in the shape of the BLE ICP, but we also look back at the VORSK CS DEFENDER PRO in RELOADED…

Gear you want, gear you get as Boycie gets into the workings of the READY TACTICAL SLING system and introduces a superb training tool in the shape of PTS BARRICADE, the AA LEGION start to look at kit for PAMG, and we highlight the LAYLAX BITE MAGs… Stewbacca then continues with the LAYLAX theme as he “gets personal” with no other than our good friend MARCK WEST in a cracking interview!

Jimmy also brings personal insight to the newest performance elements from GATE and we round out with international reports from Miguel in Portugal, and Italy thanks to the guys from the “ASD 3/5 MARINES”!

Issue 150 is another rockin’ issue of AIRSOFT ACTION, so grab a good cuppa joe, kick back, and enjoy!

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