What a super-busy week it’s been at AAHQ!

We hope that you’ve had a great week too, and like us that you’re looking forward to some full-on airsoft-action this weekend! Last weekend for some of the AA Crew/Red Cell was taken up with our very special photoshoot with Legion Associate Josh from KRIOS PHOTOGRAPHY in preparation for ISSUE 147, and although we’re still in “secret squirrel” mode about the content, the raw images are looking fabulous… we’ll certainly have something just a bit special to share with you soon!

We’ve had more new AEGs and GBBs arrive for us to start range-testing, and there’s been new gear for ’23 too as we get to work on our own loadouts for the coming year. We’ve reflected on our favourite pistol models that saw much use and abuse over the past twelve months, and of course the Show Season is in full-swing; Boycie, Li’l Stu and Dan are back from SHOT 23 and wow, did they have a LOT to talk about… we’ll be sharing their full report with you, again in ISSUE 147 on the 15th!

But it’s very much back to airsoft-business as usual as the members of the AA LEGION are out in force this weekend, both in-game and in testing-mode, and in fact the tempo has been consistent all the way through January! We checked in with everyone to find out just what’s been going on with them, and everyone had been as busy as us here in the office!

Miguel checked in to tell us that “I have already THREE events done this year. Two were outside invites and one was organized by us (GHOSTS). For this upcoming Sunday, we are planning a relaxed practice in one of our fields, maybe to work with the newer guys or invite a team for some simple games”. We also know that Miguel just took delivery of a certain new AEG from SPECNA ARMS so…

Bjorn (pictured this week) reported that “last Saturday I attended a CQB game hosted by BAF at Tjärnan. About 25 players attended. Two two-hour rounds with attack/ defend with side ops like chess clocks over the field, and three spots that needed to be taken in the last minute. I teamed up with a couple of guys from another airsoft team that had similar game style; breach quick and fill up room after rom to take ground. Can I say we had a few good runs… There’s a possible some game at Tjärnan again this Saturday, but I also need to do my final testing on some great gear from ONETIGRIS, their new FYR Vest, modular belly pouch, and helmet…”

Stewbacca has also been out and about (as usual!) and said that “last Friday I went to our Yangmei CQB site to run the WE Tech MP5A5 GBB, LCT LK53 EBB and Marui Mk23 SOCOM, to do some further testing of all that. This Sunday just gone was Military Anny’s first outing with team TaiJi at Xindian, where I did some more testing of the VFC PSG-1, although it was a bit too cold to field, so I fell back on the LCT LK53 again.

This Sunday the team will be at Linkou CQB again and I just picked up the VFC MP5k old school variant on the way home from work tonight to begin testing, as well as getting my PPQ NPA repaired and leaving my LAR with them for repairs and a 6 month service; the rear sight block broke and the trigger sear needs servicing to get rid of the doubling issue.”

Dan is back home after SHOT, and back in his workshop; “the fields here don’t even open until March or April. So winter is one loooong dry spell for me. Around February is when I start going into major withdrawals like some kind of junkie! But as far as the weekend goes, I’ve definitely got work starting to stack up, so that’s probably what I’ll be doing again this weekend. I’ve got a heap of fresh AEGs and GBBs recently arrived to build out, which doesn’t even count what’s on the big vertical rack or all the fully disassembled stuff in trays in the main workspace. At last count, I have 37 AEG’s in the queue…”
Good luck with that Dan!

So, a little snapshot of what some of the AA LEGION have been up to… airsoft never sleeps and… no, wait, we DO sleep, but we DO dream of airsoft!

We’ll be back on Monday with our regular airsoft news, so keep watching this space as 2023 REALLY kicks into gear! For now though, as always, if you’re out playing somewhere in this big old airsoft world we share then Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!