Way, WAY back in ISSUE 112 Bill checked out the then-new NOVESKE INFIDEL from EMG and he tells us that it’s still one of his favourite AEGs, so much so that it’s still his go-to of choice for his PAMG setup!

But time moves on, and EVIKE EUROPE NOW have the very latest version of this stunning AR!

The NOVESKE N4 GEN.4 INFIDEL AEG is a replica of the N4 Gen.4, licensed by Noveske Rifleworks LLC by EMG. Designed in collaboration with APS, this rifle is the perfect replica of the rifle used by USN SEALs. Benefitting from a full metal body, an NSR M-LOK handguard (15 inch) that can be adapted to your needs by allowing you to add Picatinny rails without anything unnecessary to optimize the total weight and balance. The charging handle, selector switch, bolt catch and magazine catch are ambidextrous, and the RS3 stock (5 positions), is inspired by the MOE stock from Magpul which offers lightness and comfort. The lower features an enlarged trigger guard to facilitate glove use and a flared magazine well for easy magazine insertion and faster reloads.

Internally you get a V2 SilverEdge gearbox with a MOSFET SDU 2.0. Thanks to the MOSFET you can get a faster cycle and reduce the delay between each shot. Its programming mode allows you to set your firing modes in a few seconds. The QD spring guide, accessible via the stock tube, allows you to change your spring and therefore your power, in a few seconds, using an Allen key. T/Dean wired with silver wiring ensures better current flow during sustained use. In addition, the presence of bearings on the spring guide and the piston head as well as 8mm bearings, allows for smoother and faster cycles while protecting the mechanics from additional stress.

Back in ISSUE 112 Bill concluded that “I have to say that the 13.7″ Gen 4 Infidel has REALLY rekindled my love for all things Noveske, and it really gives a massive amount of quality and performance for the money. It looks great, feels great, and shoots like a dream so as far as I can see APS and EMG have got this 100% right. I can simply just recommend this AEG to you as I believe it is a model of its time, with a fabulous nod to real innovation in fireams built in.”

What more can you ask for? Well, it comes now in a very cool DARK EARTH colour which will make those of you who love a bit of “NSW” in your life even happier!