Back in Issue 144 our good friends and AA Legion Associate Chris over at the AIRSOFT & MILSIM NEWS blog created a wonderful overview for us on CONCAMO!

He’s been in touch again today to let us know some more news on this, and he told us;

“Those of you who read our page on a let’s say weekly basis know we work with the guys over at CONCAMO and GHOSTHOOD as a media partner.

And those of you who follow these companies as well know they not only produce great products in the outstanding CONCAMO camouflage pattern, they also run a “media agency” to bring together what needs to be together, outstanding companies from the tactical and firearms business to present their products like they deserve it!

To keep you excited, here are a few impressions from their latest production just a couple weeks back in December. Enjoy it, more to come soon…”

Whether or not the camo pattern itself is “your thing” we’re sure that you’ll agree that the standard of images they provide is exceptional, and they certainly inspire us to ensure that our loadouts are up to scratch… do go and check out the OTHER IMAGES on AMNB… they are so worth viewing!