Oh we do love an H&K, and certain members of the AA Crew are unashamedly “lovers of THE KOCH”!

We’re also great fans of GBBR platforms, and we knew this was coming, just not exactly when, and we’re overjoyed that VegaForceCompany (VFC) have now released their latest gasser, and yes it’s a KOCH, and yes it’s the HK53 we’ve been waiting for!

VFC tell us that “the HK53 is the shortest model in the HK33 rifle series, and it was planned to be used as a personal defense weapon in the beginning. Its size is similar to that of a submachine gun, but it has the power of an assault rifle in 5.56 calibre. This makes the positioning of HK53 neither a rifle nor a traditional submachine gun.

Used by multinational units including the British SAS, the British Royal Military Police, the Royal Marines, Hong Kong SDU, multiple SWAT teams in the United States, and Taiwan’s National Police Agency Special Operations Group… the shape of this HK53 rifle has left an indelible impression in the hearts of many people.”

And to keep the replica fully “specced up” VFC obtained full H&K/Umarex authorization for the overall design, material, operation, appearance, as well as the engraving and trademarks, which are fully reproduced. The entire receiver of the HK53 GBBR is manufactured from stamped steel, with welding and assembly just like the original so it’s a true reproduction of the classic. It also takes the advantages from their tried and tested G3 and MP5 V2 systems, and will be certain to offer players an awesome shooting experience and amazing performance.

As you can tell we’re pretty excited about this new model, and as lovers of this platform in AEG form, having it appear as a fully-fledged GBBR makes us very happy indeed! Obviously we’ll be speaking to our good friends at VFC to get the HK53 on the range as soon as we possibly can (Stewbacca has volunteered for this onerous duty!) and we’ll report back once we’ve given it a darn good hammering!

As always, watch this space…