More info this morning on the collaboration between Vega Force Company (VFC) and firearms company Fowler Industries to start the day, and we have to say that this is looking properly righteous!

We’ve tested the latest Umarex Glock models and found them to be excellent GBB pistols, and having dedicated upgrade parts/new specifications for them is brilliant news! VFC tells us that they now have authorization from Fowler Industries to move forward with the G19 MK1 and G17 MK2 dual models, and that these will be launched on 5th November, so watch this space for more news as it breaks!

They also advise that you connect your local VFC dealers for more information! For the Umarex/VFC system the releases will be:

  1. DDP-FIG17-001-BK FI G17 MK2 CNC aluminum slide set (BK)
  2. DDP-FIG17-001-GD FI G17 MK2 CNC aluminum slide set (Gold)
  3. DDP-FIG19-001-BK FI G19 MK1 CNC aluminum slide set(BK)
  4. DDP-FIG19-001-GD FI G19 MK1 CNC aluminum slide set(Gold)