It’s no secret that we absolutely love the BCMAIR MCMR AEG from VegaForceCompany (VFC), and it has genuinely already become one of our favourite AEG releases of this year so far!

However, back at the last MOA Show in Taiwan “When Stewbacca Met Ray” there was already talk of this exciting licencing program expanding even further, and we’re VERY pleased to report now (we’d been sworn to secrecy before…) that the GBBR model is now out in the wild, and it looks absolutely amazing!

Bill especially is a great fan of the VFC gas platforms having had great experiences in the past couple of years with the SR25 ECC GBBR, the Mk18 GBBR, and he continues to rave about his own SR16 GBBR, so it’s safe to say that we are REALLY looking forward to the gas version of the MCMR which not only replicates the stunning and unique external build of the AEG version, but has a number of “new and improved” features that will take the VFC gas line into new territory when it comes to performance and reliability!

We’re also thrilled to see that VFC will be offering a whole host of BCM-licenced accessories as the program rolls out, and those new rails have certainly got our attention!

For now though, we’ll hand off to our old mate Ray to give you the lowdown in the video below!