If you’re a fan of gear from UF PRO like we are then no doubt you’ll be aware that the latest version of their popular P40 tactical pant is about to go live on their website… in fact the ticking clock shows just over 7 hours to go until release of the P40 Gen II!

If you’re wondering if it’s worth giving up the Gen Is you love in order to step up to a pair of Gen II P-40 All-Terrain Tactical Pants here are some of the key improvements the Gen II models bring to the table.

EVEN MORE DURABLE! The P-40 All-Terrain Gen II features streamlined seams made with an overlapping technique that reduces the number of critical points where your pants can get tangled on pointy, protruding objects. So that the pants can stay intact longer, we’ve also reinforced additional high-friction points (such as the pockets and double belt-loops) to effectively minimize the potential for tears and breakage.

MORE FUNCTIONALITY! The new generation P-40’s have added boot hooks, allowing you to easily secure your pants to your boots and keep your pants in place while you’re moving. The side pockets now have inner compartments made of stretch material, which lets you secure your gear more easily.

EVEN MORE COMFORTABLE! The stretch material in the seat has a new enhanced shape that helps you feel good the entire time you have these pants on and does not limit your movements.

MOVE WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS! Enhanced stretch panels combined with a special anatomic cut give you the freedom to move the way you want. Woven into these pants in all the right places is Schoeller®-dynamic stretch material, a superb fabric that not only expands and contracts in step with your body’s motions but that also stays stretchy over the long haul.

KNEE PROTECTION! The P-40 All-Terrain Gen II Tactical Pants feature an improved knee-section cut and modular setup. That means the amount of knee protection you add stays in place and will be so comfortable you’re likely to forget you’ve even got any there!

In addition these new pants come as standard with a spacious 9-pocket configuration that lets you stow an enormous number of small items and pieces of gear, and you can expect the stuff you stash below your belt to stay put as you run or jump! The Gen I P40 pants that we’ve been using have proved to be a 100% durable, functional, and comfortable pant model, so we are definitely looking forward to the Gen II!

Watch the clock, and head on over to UF PRO if you’re in need of a new pair of tactical pants that will see you through the hardest and most gruelling of games.