We’re back in the office for a few days nailing down ISSUE 154 (live on September 15!) before our annual vacation shutdown, and after a fabulous weekend at the UK National Airsoft Festival it’s another good news day for AIRSOFT ACTION!
As regular readers will know we keep on expanding the AA LEGION with great players and airsoft writers from around the world, and today we’re delighted to announce that “Military” Anny Wu will be joining our ranks as a full member; Anny has been collaborating with Stewbacca in Taiwan for a while now, and is already bringing in some great stories of her own too!
Stewbacca, our Deputy Editor for Asia, told us;
“Today I have the pleasure of officially welcoming “Military” Anny to the Airsoft Action family and the Legion; many of you are hopefully already aware of her, and she’s yet another  ambassador joining our ranks as well.
We’ve been working together on an increasing basis since our first introductory article of her and the follow up article covering her real firearms shooting adventures, as well as covering various events together and a few manufacturer visits under our belts… with more planned when we and the companies find the time!
Having her wealth of experience in the industry as well as her perspective as a lady shooter and a local working within her own culture and homeland is already helping my efforts here in Taiwan greatly and getting noticed in a positive manner; it’s also good to have someone sensible here keeping me in check! 
I look forward to our further and future co-operative efforts as well as featuring more of her own solo efforts like her visit to Soloman in Kaohsiung in the current issue and an SUT training event she covered on our behalf; having someone else here that can be relied upon to create good coverage is taking some of the strain off me, thankfully as well!
So. Lots more to come, but for now please join me in welcoming her to the mad house!”
Editorial Director Bill also commented;
“It’s fabulous to have Anny on board now as a full member of our ever-expanding AA LEGION, and I’m delighted that Stewbacca is now expanding his own team to bring in even more news direct from “airsoft central”! It’s a real pleasure to have Anny join us, and she has my sincere thanks for she has done so far for AA.
I believe that she will bring a unique perspective to our coverage in Asia, and indeed to everything that we do, and I look forward to bringing our readers future articles she creates! I also look forward to meeting her in person when I visit Taiwan in October… there’ll be LOTS to talk about!”
With all that said, what more can we add than “Welcome aboard Anny!”