PRESS RELEASE: LifeTime Warranty!

19-03-2020 – Loenen, the Netherlands

We have always taken a hell of a lot of pride in ourselves and in building our grenades.
We are constantly at the forefront of developing and manufacturing materials that will withstand hard and furious use. Our designs are made to withstand common combat situations.

We have full trust in our grenades, and we trust that you the customer will be happy with them. Because of this trust we are happy to announce that all STRATAIM Grenades made after 2019 come with the following limited lifetime guarantee.

What is covered?

  • Any structural issues / faults arising from defects in the production materials and / or workmanship are guaranteed for the lifespan of the Grenades.

What is not covered?

Any damage / issues caused by:

  • Wear and tear.
  • Fatigue or corrosion.
  • Inappropriate use.
  • Abuse or deliberate damage.
  • No or improper maintenance.
  • The fitting of inappropriate parts or aftermarket alteration (including but not limited to aftersales welding, brazing, drilling, filing or repairs or attempted repairs executed by anyone other than STRATAIM).
  • Consequential losses. This guarantee does not mean that your grenade will last forever and cannot be broken, Nothing is indestructible, no matter how well made it is and everything, even our grenades, have a finite life, the span of which will be dictated by the amount and type of use it receives.