We just heard from the guys at Specna Arms about another interesting development they have in the pipeline! After an extremely successful and ongoing collaboration with GATE and Prometheus, they’ve just announced a collaboration with another renowned airsoft high-performance parts manufacturer, Maxx Model from Canada!

For those that haven’t come across the company before, Maxx Model Products, Inc. began in 2001 as a company known by Microheli.com based in Canada, where they designed and manufactured high quality upgrade parts and accessories for RC Helicopters, Drones, and Cars.

Starting in 2016, Maxx took its experience in high quality RC components and expanded to airsoft, and Maxx launched itself into the airsoft market with the release of their original M4 PRO hop-up unit. Through feedback from the community and constant improvements, they have achieved the most advanced M4 hop-up unit they can with the ME model. Taking what they learned in that process, Maxx now brings their attention to other platforms, and with their years of experience Maxx looks to manufacture more advanced and innovative products for the whole market!

Specna Arms tell us that Maxx Model Hop-Up chambers manufactured for their brand will be available at the turn of Q1 and Q2 this year, so that’ most definitely something to look forward to!