After a somewhat sparse period it would appear that SPECNA ARMS are back in the groove as yesterday the buzz was all about the new SA-FX01 PCC!

As part of the SPECNA ARMS FLEX series this awesome-looking polymer-bodied “9mm” really looks the business, and although it’s new to most of us, SA Amdassador and AA Legionnaire Miguel has already had “hands on” for a while!

GUNFIRE tell us on their new dedicated page (view the page HERE);

“The SA-FX01 is an electric PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) airsoft gun, primarily constructed from high-quality polymer. This makes it lightweight, yet highly durable. At the core of the airsoft gun is a V2 gearbox which serves as an excellent foundation for tuning – making it very easy to increase or decrease the power of the airsoft gun or ensure it has a higher rate of fire. You can also carry out your modifications using the quick spring exchange system – ESA™ (Easy Spring Access), which enables the swapping of the spring in merely 45 seconds. No matter where you are, you can decide on the performance parameters of your gear during gameplay.

You can mount your selected additional accessories to the front in the M-LOK system, and the functioning Bolt-Catch along with the Light Ops Stock ensure high functionality and comfort when using the Specna Arms Flex airsoft gun during action. Its 8-inch, 6.03 mm barrel is long enough to guarantee shot precision while simultaneously ensuring the compact dimensions of this model. It’s primarily thanks to its relatively small size and weight, that the SA-FX01 finds itself being so versatile in application.”

Of course Miguel has been testing the heck out of this new platform and will be landing his full evaluation in ISSUE 156 when he’s had time to really put it through its paces in-game, but he told us;

“I think I can describe the FX01 in a short sentence, “It will surprise a lot of people!”. Players will look at the polymer build and the price and might discard it, but when you get the chance of testing one, prepare to be amazed. It’s a fun replica to use, really light and agile, and it has a surprising performance!”

We’re certainly looking forward to hearing more once his testing is complete!