We really like the fact these days that many tactical clothing manufacturers are making kit that you can use both on and off the range and airsoft site; whilst the fabrics and technologies are still way up there in terms of performance, the design element means that you can have clothing that is not just going to give protection from wind and rain, but that actually looks kind of cool too!

Pentagon seem to be right at the very forefront of this. Way back at IWA 2019 we saw some absolutely stunning kit on their stand and this has rolled out to their retailers around the globe. In some ways the gear looks like that you might use for adventurous and performance sports – but with a “shooters” slant and extra features built in. Pentagon have also looked very closely at the colours they’ve used in the palette again, mixing brights (should you fancy them!) with different tones of grey and some visually appealing earth tones, giving us massive choice when it comes to tactical clothing and gear.

In terms of making that gear Pentagon, has been active in the field of military clothing and accessories since 1991 when the company started in Germany as a modest retail shop. However, after many years of research and development and working closely with Military, Police, Fire fighters, Rescue and Security teams they developed a totally new product series which came to be known as “Tactical Sportswear™”. This was their answer to an advanced military clothing and gear concept which incorporates quality, technology, design and aesthetic all in one package and their motto to complement all this is “Gear Up!™”

But don’t just take our word for it, check out their new catalogue, and have a GREAT weekend!