Continuing our run to create a meaningful resource of manufacturer catalogues here on the website, this week we’re very pleased to bring you information from our very good friends at Clawgear! Like many during the pandemic they’ve rolled over their 2020 Catalogue to this year, but you can rest assured that they’ve been working on new models and we are looking forward to IWA 2022 to see what they’ve been developing.

For those that don’t already know them, the story of Clawgear began in
2011 and started with a small warehouse, office and development department, but since then they have been continuously growing, employing more and more people every year! Their philosophy is a straightforward one; every piece of work they do, they do in all conscience. They aim for premium quality military equipment in every little detail. Clawgear is specialised in state-of-the art performance and advanced combat equipment to withstand the tough conditions of modern battlefields. They set out to develop gear to protect the users body as best possible, while increasing each individual‘s effectiveness.
The geographical location of the company, at the foot of the Alps has a large influence on the choice of fabrics and materials for their entire product range.

An important thing that makes Clawgear stand out from the competition for us is their in-house development and prototyping. From the first idea, to a rough draft on paper, the CAD construction drawings, laser cutting materials to the sewing of prototypes, everything is done solely by them, and that’s how they have complete control over every single step. There are weeks of field testing which is done in cooperation with special operations units across Europe from which they thankfully get precious feedback. This high demand on quality applies also to all materials.

They really do offer a superb range of products which integrate superbly into a really wearable system, although conversely they are great as standalone pieces as well. We would say that their dedication and adherence to incredibly high quality and service is really paying off for them; they’ve taken the more difficult path where others have taken the shortcut and their products really, really reflect this and are all the better for it.

We can say that over the years they have really won us over, not only with the great gear they manufacture, but also with their inclusive, friendly approach. If you are in the market for new tactical gear and you haven’t considered Clawgear then we think you’d better reconsider before you part with your cash!

For now though, as usual, enjoy the Clawgear catalogue, have a great weekend, and if you’re lucky enough to be out playing then go hard and play well!