Well here it is! After a couple of days of testing firearms and a couple of meetings, DAY 1 of SHOT SHOW 2024 proper had arrived!

We joined our fellow media members in the Press Room for a light breakfast and coffee, where we discussed the plan for the day. From there we moved down to the lobby where we had a short wait before the doors opened at 0830. Li’l Stu and I headed straight for the LANCER TACTICAL stand where we met up with our good friend and Legion Associate Laylax Marck and he showed us the new LAYLAX electric speedloader.  After a good half an hour discussing products with Marck and his colleagues we then moved down to meet Eduardo at the ASG stand. We chatted about existing products and then he showed us the new HERA ARMS KC-01 CHASSIS which Eduardo told me was having its debut at shot and will be followed by the European debut at IWA, so no doubt Bill and Jase will learn more about that in a few weeks time!

Whilst we were waiting for Steve to join us on the floor we had a walk around a few other stands showing accessories which could also be used on airsoft replicas. Once Steve joined us we had a walk down to the TACTICON stand where we met Mani, from Leeds (UK) but now from Cordova, CA and he showed us a number of MOLLE products which we will be featuring in coming issues of Airsoft Action.

As with last year we are going to choose our favourite airsoft product of the day, and this year our favourite part or accessory as well. To lead us off Lil Stu chose as his favourite airsoft replica, the ASG Steyr L9A1 which we jointly reviewed last year. He said “for me it fits my ‘tiny dabs’, the balance and sights just still impress me”. For his favourite part or accessory  Stu said “we met up with the ULTRA CLIP gent who we last met at IWA ’22 when he was literally just starting up. He’s clearly not rested on his laurels and showed us a number of new products including the TQ and Shears holder which would be ideal for those using real firearms or in an environment which may use knives as their main tools”.

In his first year at SHOT, Steve told me “despite having been around firearms and shooting multiple disciplines over 30 years, I’m still very new to the world of airsoft. I’ve received a very warm welcome from both the Airsoft Action and SMG teams, despite me asking what I am sure are the silly questions to the experienced airsofters.

After day one of the show I have to say that I was blown away and just how popular airsoft is here in the good ol’ US of A and clearly around the world. Being from a firearms background and used to working within tight UK regulations I expected that there would be little market space in a country where laws are far more permissive.”

His choice of airsoft product of the day went to the POS-XG8 pistol which we saw on the LANCER TACTICAL stand. “For me the sight set up draws the user straight to what feels like a natural aiming position. The two rear light tunnels gave a really instinctive feel when presenting to target. The stand out accessory for me wasn’t actually airsoft related. It was the Ammo Stack for 9mm ammo; for my IPSC competition with Long Barreled Revolver this product will make life a lot easier.”

Dan, who suffered flight delays on the way to SHOT met up with us at around 1300. He was straight into it and although he hadn’t seen much airsoft-wise we went back to LANCER TACTICAL for a looksee. He did say “I quite liked the SIG MCX in Elite Concrete Cerakote” though…

My favourite for airsoft was the ASG CZ P-09 Optic Ready Pistol. Having used a P-09 for a while I really liked the set-up of this variant or the XG8 previously mentioned. Accessory-wise I liked the real steel JE Machine Tech 15″ Rail which would look really great on some future builds….watch this space!

Well that rounds off the DAY 1 highlights for us; now for dinner, rest and prepare for DAY 2!