We’ve been hearing for a little while now about a special project going on in the depths of the Specna Arms “skunkworks”, the new series of Limited Edition AEGs with Prometheus parts as standard, and some of you may well by now have seen the VIDEO from their testing!

Yesterday the guys at GUNFIRE unveiled the ready-made models with Prometheus tuning parts and they look mighty fine to us!

The Prometheus Specna Arms Limited Edition parts list includes:

– A sealed POM nozzle
– Reinforced polycarbonate piston
– Hop-Up Soft Standard bucking
– 8mm Multi Fit bearings
– Steel cylinder
– 6.03mm diamater precision barrel
– Rotary hop-up chamber
– The Bridge Hop Key Spacer

We are certain that these will get snapped up quickly, and it’s very interesting to see that Specna Arms are not content to just have great AEGs to offer us, but are actually pushing forward again to offer all of us players exemplary ones!

Be sure to check out the models HERE if this sounds like the kind of AEG you would love to own and get in game!