Some days are REALLY good new days, and today is definitely one of them as the glad tidings keep on coming!

We just got the nod from the VORSK team that there’s yet another new model inbound, the latest addition to their MEU series of GBB Pistols! Following the success of the AGENCY VX-9 and the excellent performance that we’ve reported in our review of the VX-9 in the “monthly” and in our Red Cell 1911 Report , expectations for the new VP-X are high, and with some excellent features it’s looking stunning!

As an MEU-base platform, the VP-X features many standard features:

  • Functioning Beaver Tail Safety
  • Single Stack MEU Magazines (Double Stack BBs)
  • Slide Lock Latch

The VP-X is different to other models though as it also features:

  • VORSK Compensator
  • V-Notch Iron Sights/ Raised Fibre Optic Iron Sights + BDS
  • Vertical Slide Grips
  • Diamond Textured VORSK Grip
  • Chrome Outer Barrel & Recoil Spring Guide
  • Flared 1911 Magazine Baseplate Collar

The VP-X is a full metal GBB pistol, built on the MEU platform and inspired by modern pop-culture. VORSK are making a flagship “Chrome/ Black” and the “Dual Tone Blue” models available as double packs. Other colour variations include Black, Grey, Chrome, Brushed Aluminium and Tan, all of which have slightly different uses of the secondary black colour. For example, the blue, grey and tan all use a black compensator for the distinctive look, but the black, chrome and brushed aluminium maintain the pistols primary colour on the moderator. As with many of their other models, BDS options are available. BDS options are fitted with raised fibreoptic iron sights front and rear, whilst the non-BDS options features low-profile V-Notch iron sights.

The guys also told us:

“All of VORSK pistol designs are passion projects, and the VP-X is no different. Influenced from designs of modern 1911/MEU variants that are found both on the firing range and in pop culture, VORSK have bought another GBB replica to life with the VP-X. A full metal construction finished with a anti-porous, electrostatic finish, the customer has a choice of 8 colour variants including a dual-tone Blue. “Dual Tone” can be considered a theme of this GBB Pistol, with a choice body colour complimented by a secondary colour found on the moderator, trigger, mag-release, hammer, slide-lock and other furniture. These small touches of a secondary colour, scattered across the pistol, result in a very stylish 1911/MEU variant. On top of this, alongside the flagship Black/Chrome double pack, VORSK have also provided a Dual-Tone double pack so everyone can go akimbo with some VORSK VP-X pistols.”

We’re really looking forward to getting one of these “big boys” on the range to give it some serious “punishment”, and rest assured we’ll be reporting back just as soon as we’ve done so!