As you’ll all have seen from our livestream with VegaForceCompany from the 2020 MOA Show last weekend there are some exciting things to come from them for 2021!

With new AEG and GBBB models lined up, they’re following up their initial presentation (we understand there were a few “technical issues for some of the presentations) with a series of videos spotlighting the new models, and the first is for the BCM MCMR(GBBR)!

This super-looking new carbine benefits from:

  • The World’s First BCM Full License for Airsoft Production
  • BCM MCMR (M-LOK®) Handguard
  • Full Authorized Airsoft Accessories Setup!
  • Built-in Steel Internal parts and Steel Bolt Carrier Inside!
  • Patented “GuideHOP” Adjusting Design

But enough from us, just check out the video from VFC to find out all you need to know!