Now that the Airsoft Action Red Cell testing group is fully underway it’s our intention to bring you regular updates on new models that are hitting the market, and we’ll do so under our new “RELOADED” banner where we’ll touch back on new AEGs and GBBS that we’ve tested to let you know how they’re coping with the stresses and strains imposed on them both on the range and in game!

Over the weekend we had a chance to get onto the short range with the newest model in the VORSK line, to see how it performed and if it lived up to expectations, and we’re pleased to report that the answer is YES!

Chrno’ing in on .20g RZR BBs at 0.98 Joule/325fps (mean) on NUPROL 2.0 gas the Split Slide performed very well indeed, spitting out BBs onto the steels with great alacrity, time and again! We’ve found thus far that the VORSK models are gas efficient, and with the reduced slide weight you get a properly snappy trigger response; the split slide design improves the performance levels of the Hi-Capa series by reducing the weight of the moving slide, which in-turn increases the response, especially on follow up shots. In addition to this, the forward slide section has been redesigned with a top rail, allowing you to fit Sights/Optics to the stationary front-section of the slide with makes target acquisition a breeze, and helps with the retention of zero.

Model options with the Red Dot Sight fitted on the front are available as standard (we simply fitted an RDS to the base model for testing) but the hi-vis front and rear sights fitted are great in themselves, and all of these changes result in easy and intuitive targeting of multiple targets with a super-quick, gas-efficient response from first shot to last. There will be a full review to come on the new VORSK models in an upcoming issue of Airsoft Action, but for now you can check out these stunning and unique pistols HERE

Length(mm) 250
Weight (g) 900
Fire Modes Semi-Auto
Barrel Length (mm) 113
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.03
Rails Yes
Approx. FPS 325
Main Materials HIPS & Aluminium
Included Replica, Magazine & Manual
Compatible Magazines VGM-02-01
Compatible Gas : Nuprol 2.0 / Nuprol 3.0
Other Info/Specs CNC Finished Slide