As we’ve said in numerous occasions we’ve actually been really impressed by the CHALLENGER GBB from ICS AIRSOFT! As Jimmy said in his initial review back in ISSUE 129;

“I really do feel ICS have hit the proverbial nail right on the sweet spot with this pistol…. all in all they have produced something that I believe is going to bode well with many an airsofter and I predict they will sell out very fast, faster than hot cakes! If you are looking for a high-level contender which offers superb performance, I recommend you take a look at the new ICS Challenger pistol – if you buy one, you WILL be the envy of many!”

And as the CHALLENGER continues to perform well on our long-term test program it’s a pistol that we can still recommend to you, but…

It would appear that the CHALLENGER may well soon have “in-house” competition from ICS themselves, as we’ve seen a few teasers now on their social media feeds to indicate that 2024 may well have THREE new Hi Capa models, and Bill and Stewbacca got their hands on all of them when they visited ICS earlier this month!

In the mix are the LEGACY, ACME and the interestingly-named CARNOTAURUS!

The LEGACY looks to be an out and out “fighting iron”, but in a modern and aesthetically pleasing form, whilst the ACME notches things up towards a “comp-style” shooter with some very tasty-looking red accents for the cut-out trigger and outer barrel.

It’s the CARNOTAURUS (pictured) though that really took Bill’s eye and he said;

“Impressed as I was by the three Hi Capa prototypes that ICS showed us, it was the CARNOTAURUS that really made me sit up and take notice as this is an all-new split-slide Hi Capa model that shows further innovation in the ICS pistol program, and moves things forward for them yet again!

I love a split-slide for the efficiency that it brings to the shooting experience, and the action of the CARNOTAURUS was very smooth indeed which says to me that it will be excellent in terms of gas consumption and overall performance!”

With MOA just around the corner now we hope that the three prototypes will be on show loud and proud, and we’re interested to see what else ICS are going to be bringing to the airsoft party for 2024!

Watch this space and we’ll be reporting as usual from MOA when it starts on December 1…