We‘re just cramming in the last features for ISSUE 127 of Airsoft Action that will go live online TOMORROW, and we’ve been able to get hold of one of the new VULTURE GBB pistols from ICS to evaluate along with our usual wide-ranging and informative AEG, GBB and gear reviews!

But of course we’re constantly in touch and speaking to manufacturers direct about not only new developments, but also about improvements and performance tweaks to existing models; the ICS 1:1 fully-licenced Sarsilmaz SAR 9 was released last year, and after further testing and now user feedback too, ICS have decided to create some upgrades to make a great GBB pistol even better!

The “new” SAR 9.II has been updated with a new Low Resistance Slide Design, and ICS tell us that the slide will have less friction than the previous version, giving a smoother movement and better cycling speeds.

The “new” model will benefit from:

  • Fixed Inner Barrel – a Fixed Inner Barrel provides higher stability while recoiling, which significantly increases accuracy
  • Low Resistance Slide Design – the brand new low resistance slide design integrates a spring powered hammer contact, making the whole SAR 9.II system function more smoothly and even more reliably
  • Modular Trigger-Fire Control – this is one of the special features of the SAR 9, and the Modular Fire Control provides not only a smoother shooter interface, but also gives easier removal of the unit for regular maintenance

Of course many of us already own an SAR 9, but ICS have thought of this and there will also be an upgade kit available for existing users, and you can check out all the information in their VIDEO HERE! Coming soon, if you’re already a user, or thinking of becoming one, then this an exciting development and just shows ICS’ continued and ongoing commitment to players worldwide!