So, another Monday, and yet another “LEE ENFIELD GUNDAY”!

Yup, after many years of waiting it seems like some very good manufacturers have fully got behind the venerable Lee Enfield rifle, and thanks to the excellent relationships with have with many of them the latest model, this time the LE4 MK I from our good friends at G&G ARMAMENT, is now in evaluation and testing with our very own “Man in Taiwan”, Stewbacca!

Thanks to Stu being “on site” it’s far easier for us now to source samples for test and review as soon as they are ready to leave the factory, but rather than just rush out a meaningless “unboxing” review or video, as always we’ll take our time to bring you the real lowdown on a model that we’ve been waiting for impatiently ever since we first saw it at IWA and SHOT!

If you follow Stu’s personal social media and his “Island Insider” posts then you’ll know that he’s already been out and about using the Lee Enfield in earnest, and apart form a few little teething issues to deal with his comments thus far have been positive… and the reception from other players has been unanimously one of huge excitement!

You’ll have to wait for the full lowdown once testing is complete, but we already love the LE4 MK I, and it’s certainly causing some very serious discussion in the Red Cell chat group; all of us are very keen to see it for ourselves!


Material: Alloy and Polymer

Inner Barrel Length: 625 mm

Magazine: 10 BBs

Overall Length: 1113.5 mm

Weight: 3640g