G&G Armament have been really pushing along in the last year, and their latest catalogue (a copy of which is available on the AA website HERE showed us some VERY cool developments in the works!

One that particularly caught our beady “OPFOR eye” was the new “GK-12” and this is for sure going to excite many opposing force players and modern RUSFOR enthusiasts, as it’s their take on the current issue rifle!

Although there is (as yet) no firm release date for the GK-12, G&G have kindly told us that the new AEG will have steel receivers, and an alloy barrel and flash hider for better balance, to avoid excess forward weight.

In addition to a quick change spring function and rotary hop-up, the GK-12 will also benefit from an ETU and Gen4 Mosfet with power-cut-off, and there will be FOUR modes available via the selector, safe, semi, 2-round burst and full auto, with no need to program from the Mosfet! We also understand that the guide rod for the charging handle has been moved to the other side so it won’t get in the way when you adjust the hop-up dial which is a neat little solution to a problem that many wouldn’t even notice, and just goes to show how completely the guys at G&G analyse their AEG designs!

The mid-cap magazines look to be of the 120BB variety, although again G&G tell us that a hi-cap will also be available, and they’ve confirmed that their existing GK-74 magazines will be fully compatible with the new GK-12.

As yet there is no estimate price or release date for the GK-12, and the image shown has been generated in their design department, but the project is certainly looking good to us! We’ll have a full review coming in the next “monthly” on their Knights-licenced SR-30 AR (which we already love!), and if “real” replicas are a direction that G&G have decided to take, we thoroughly look forward to what they may have “coming soon”!