After letting ISSUE 150 settle in for a few days we’re back to our regular daily posts, and although we haven’t been posting we’ve been as busy as ever evaluationg and testing out new AEGs and GBBs! Now the SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle) has been with us for a good old while now, and it’s a model that we’ve seen from numerous airsoft manufacturers and loved many of them!

However, lets be fair, although it’s a fine rifle in both real and replica it has always been a bit of clunky old dog to look at! Whether you like to look of the SCAR or not it is undoubtedly a great “fighting rifle”, and the latest slew of the “H” versions has certainly tickled our pickle…

And DOUBLE BELL (DB) seem to be taking a fresh look at many old favourites, and in some cases bringing them nicely up to date; their SCAR-H M-LOK has certainly caught our attention as we had the opportunity to get “hands on” over the weekend!

With all the usual features that you’d expect from a SCAR platform the SCAR-H M-LOK takes things a step further with the inclusion as standard of an extended M-LOK handguard that looks suspiciously like the KDG MREX and provides a much longer and smoother profile for ease of manipulation! Add to to the picture that this AEG offers an upper RIS rail with a very user-friendly length of 420mm that will allow for mounting all the optics and associated accessories you could possibly want!

Hopefully we’ll be able to get out on the range with one of these great looking AEGs soon, but if you’d like to know more right now you can check out a whole host of DB models by visiting our mates at iWholesales; finally it looks like the SCAR might just be a rifle that even airsofters on a budget will hanker after!